Walking, cycling and boat tours
‘For a deeper insight into this multifaceted area architectural historian Alex Hendriksen runs a series of highly recommondated walking, cycling and boat tours of Nieuwmarkt and the ÍJ with Architectuur Tours that peel away the layers of development to help you understand how a place has arrived of its current appearance….’

Lonely Planet Amsterdam 2016

‘We thoroughly enjoyed our walk yesterday and your insights into local historical and modern architecture. We would recommend this tour as a valuable insight into the development of Amsterdam as a city.’

Richard & Judith Walker, Sydney, Australia

Architectural boatride on the IJ.
‘Interesting. Different from on ordinary tourist tour.’

European window-frame producents

Architectural boatride on the IJ with a visit to A’dam toren.
‘Great. Very interesting.’

Dutch contractors association

Architectural boatride on the IJ.
‘Very informative and a good atmosphere.’

Arie Mooiman (Royal Dutch Union Ceramics)

Architectural boatride on the IJ.
‘Very nice, beautiful ride and good explanation. Big diversity you normally don’t see.’

Union of metal window-frames and gable producents

Architectural boatride on the IJ.
‘Fantastic, beautiful initiative. I enjoyed it a lot learned a lot and saw a lot of new things.’

Cees van 't Veen (National office for cultural heritage)