Manhattan at the IJ experience - IJ river and canal boat tour

Boat ride by appointment for groups from 15 till 70 persons, smaller groups please contact me, duration: 1,5 hours, price from € 25 p.p.

As a result of the many developments, the central IJ has become a hotspot for which there is great international interest. Let your company join you on the varied route across the wide IJ and through more intimate inland waterways. You will sail along Oosterdokskade, Nemo, Muziekgebouw, Eye, Overhoeks, NDSM, Silodam, Houthavens, Pontsteigergebouw and Westerdok. Your architecture guide indicates the new, pioneering architecture, the IJ bank plan and the (relationship with the) historic buildings. In addition, there is plenty of room to meet, if desired with something to eat or drink. Possible arrangements:

Architecture boat on the IJ with lunch in Artists Society Arti et Amicitiae

Architecture boat on the IJ with a visit at the A’dam tower and an appatizer in the Eye filmmuseum


Architecture boat tour Amsterdam Eastern Docklands

Boat ride by appointment, for groups from 15 till 70 persons, smaller groups please contact me, duration: 1,5 hours, price from € 25 p.p.

Architectural boat ride along the successful raising from the nineties on the Eastern Docklands, with: Java island, KNSM island, Borneo, the Whale building, Ben van Berkel and other modern Dutch architects. Each island had its own supervisor and therefore has its own character, with maintenance of as many as possible old harbour buildings. We’ll ride along the Timmermansstraat with its lively self-build plots. On the way back recent and future developments along the remarkable northern IJ-bank will have our attention.


Langs de ver(nieuw)bouwde pakhuizen aan de Piet Heinkade. Foto: Els BogaertsVernieuwend expressionisme van Neutelings en Riedijk, foto: Els Bogaerts

Architecture bike or walk Amsterdam Noord

Walking or bicycle tour by appointment, duration 2 hrs, for groups from 8 persons or as a private tour
Price for groups from € 12,50 p.p. excl. bicycle, price for private tour see Fees Private Tours

Dairy supplier for Amsterdam, location for shippingindustrie and garden villages, dump for antisocial families: the by the IJ-water isolated Amserdam Noord was for a long time not the place to be. Roles are changed. Former industrial sites turned into breedingplaces, garden villages became heritage, in between appear attractive new neighbourhoods. Further on we find the experimental neighbourhoods from the sixties: Plan Van Gool en Molenwijk. Where are the authentic people from Amsterdam Noord? Read more about Noord


Walking tour Nieuwmarkt neighbourhood with former Jewish quarter

Tour by appointment, duration 2 hours, for groups from 8 persons or as a private tour. Price for groups from € 12,50 p.p., price for private tour see Fees Private Tours

See the former southern city gate,the Anthoniespoort, nowadays restaurant De Waag, around 1585. Within the wall medieval Amsterdam, outside an informal suburb: provisional accomodations, small shipyards and swamp. Cheap ground were also immigrants, Jews, Armenians and later Chinese settled. Deportation of the Jews led to pauperization of the neighbourhood. For the city government a reason to launch its metro and highway plans according the dominant ideology of city making. Inhabitants battled these plans against the armed police in the 1975 Nieuwmarkt riots. What came out? As a local resident I investigated the old structures and the realized renewal plans. The Nieuwmarkt city renewal is to become an area of 1980’s culturel heritge.


Former city gate, Sint AntoniespoortW.I.C warehouseScheepvaarthuis, Amsterdam School interior Than......and nowLeft: Pentagon, Theo Bosch, 1983

Manhattan at the IJ experience, bike

Bike tour by appointment, duration: three hours, price: € 25 p.p., excluding bike, € 35 p.p. including bike, minimum number of persons 7, or as a private tour see Rates private tours, start and end point Oosterdokskade 63A (Mac Bike).

By bike along the transformed banks of the IJ an the IJ: the new centre of Amsterdam. Due to the opening of the North-South metro line and the remarkable construction projects on both banks of the IJ, the IJ has become a sparkling lake in the middle of Amsterdam. Everything that is up to date in the field of modern architecture and urbanism can be found here. Discover this highly varied business card of Amsterdam with iconic public buildings, circular architecture, most luxurious homes with shower cubicles of 18m2 to entire starter homes of 18m2, a Dudok-style waterfront house, a greenhouse house, water houses and cultural incubators in industrial heritage. You will see and learn about the renovated Central Station, IJdock, Silodam, Houthavens, Pontsteiger building, NDSM shipyard, Buiksloterham and Overhoeks.


Bike tour Amsterdam Watergraafsmeer

Walking or bicycle tour by appointment, duration 2 hrs, for groups from 8 persons or as a private tour
Price for groups from € 12,50 p.p. excl. bicycle, price private tour see Fees Private Tours

The Watergraafsmeer was a seventeenth century landinvestment project and cottage house location of the well to do. Only house Frankendael witnesses this former function. After the annexation by Amsterdam in 1921 Watergraafsmeer slowly got builded with pearls like the Linnaeushof and Betondorp: the first a brick and catholic court, the second a fantastich concrete and socialistic garden village and birth ground of soccer player Johan Cruijff. The numerous (former Ajax) play grounds, the monumental cemetery Nieuwe Oosterbegraafplaats: all contribute to the special world of the Watergraafsmeer. Still rural and in meantime very modern with its Science Centre with high tech companys and modern architecture in the east.


Vertrek vanaf de OetewalerbrugDe toegangspoort van het openbare park FrankendaelFrankendael, de enige overgebleven Watergraafsmeerse buitenplaatsDe ingang van de Linnaeushof van KrophollerHet Rechthuis, bestuurszetel en herberg

Bike tour Amsterdam Buitenveldert

Walking or bicycle tour by appointment, duration 2 hrs, for groups from 8 persons or as a private tour
Price for groups from € 12,50 p.p. excl. bicycle, for private tour see Fees Private Tours

Buitenveldert has got extraordinary Amsterdam boulevards with the airs of Berlin or Paris. The designer of the Amsterdam extension plan of 1934 and the Buitenveldert plan, the internationally famous Van Eesteren, lived here himself. See the tight stamped buildings, the early high-rise next to a luxurous bungalow neighbourhood and espacially the fantastic, connected and big scale greenery in and by the quarter.


Walking tour the renewed Bijlmer

Walking tour by appointment, duration 2 hrs, for groups from 8 persons or as a private tour
Price for groups from € 12,50 p.p., for price private tour see Fees Private Tours

Functionalism in its most advanced form and most largest scale in Holland: flats in honeycomb structures surrounded by lots of green, raised roads and a metro viaduct. Inhabitants facilities as a photography pavilion and a coffee bar in the flat: ideals from the sixties and seventies. This supernatural landscape is for the half demolished now and replaced by low raise. We’ll have a look at the old and the new and at the tranformation of the ‘klusflat’ Kleiburg.


Other walking or bike tours

Walking tour – Amsterdam School district in Berlage’s Plan Zuid

Walking tour – Amsterdam in he Middle Ages/ The red light district

Walking or bike tour – Eastern docklands: the former harbor transformed

Walking or bike tour new architecture – IJburg: Amsterdam’s latest urban extension

Walking tour – De Baarsjes, Amsterdam School architecture in Amsterdam West

Walking tour – Marine territory and Kattenburg, maritime extensions from 1650


Architecture boat or bike Amsterdam (Nieuw) West

Boat or bike ride by appointment, for groups from 20 till 70 persons, small groups please contact me, duration 4,5 or 2 hours, price for the full boat ride from € 50 p.p., price full bike ride incl. lunch € 20 p.p.

Architectural boat or bike ride across and along the astonishing green Amsterdam West and New West with its special lakes: the Sloterplas and the Nieuwe Meer. The round offers a unique view on postwar park-like city planning by Cornelis Van Eesteren and on contemporary renewel projects within, on the connection with the ring 1920-1940 and on the western country like cityborder. You wille experience the different layers of the city. In the bike ride a lunch at ateliercomplex Nieuw en Meer is included.


Foto: De Nijl architecten